Day One

Today is Friday-Pizza Night at our house. Every other week we go to our local pizza place that has vegan options and our favorite draft beer. This is the Friday that we stay home and either eat Gardein Pizza Pockets  or Daiya Frozen Pizza . Although both are good and you would never know that they are vegan, the Daiya product wins out. Today, I’ve decided to substitute a different meal instead of pizza for me.

Vegetarian Chili-2 cups
Snap Pea Stir-fry vegetables- steamed
Fresh strawberries
2 whole wheat tortillas

I usually drink water or tea (without sweetening) for a beverage.

Comments: This morning seems hard so I am keeping busy writing for a bit. I’ll be taking the dog for a walk then work 1030-2. After work is a crucial time for me. If I come back to the house I will want to eat. So, my plan is to run to Walmart after work to pick up Pizza pockets for the boys, then off to pick up the child at school. After I drop him off at home I am back to work 430-630. The time in between school and work I will be at home supervising chores and I will do some of my own household chores to keep myself busy and because they need to be done.

I am determined. My husband has lost so much weight seemingly so effortlessly but I know it’s because he is such a logical creature and he doesn’t have the cravings that I have. Also, his success spurs him on and I hope that mine will do the same. When I told him my plan he was discouraging because it isn’t “normal” to eat this way. I’ve read the studies and I am convinced that for me, this is healthy. I am intrigued by the idea that intermittent fasting also plays a part in longevity. I do believe that it is the way our ancestors ate successfully.

I do understand that my readers may not share my opinions. I am merely journaling my journey and do not expect that everyone believes the same. I am also not giving anyone advice here. I believe that every person should do their own research.


One Meal Each Day

When I first contemplated eating just one meal each day it wasn’t just on a whim. I have done a lot of reading and watching videos on the subject and for me it makes sense.

As a family, we have been eating a plant-based diet for well over a year now and it has made a marked difference in my husband’s diabetes and weight. He’s gone down to minimum medication from the double barrel approach. Technically his lab tests show no diabetes at all but his doctor is cautious. I can appreciate that for now. My husband has also lost 40 pounds, his cholesterol is 134 and no issues with blood pressure etc. He has just naturally reduced his portions and is able to eat 3 healthy meals each day. I, on the other hand, have lost 25 pounds and do feel better but the extra weight lingers because I binge or snack throughout the day. Try as I might, I can’t seem to eat 3 meals each day without snacking. Once I get started eating I can’t seem to stop.

In the past, I used high protein diets and although they worked for awhile, I gained the weight back. Now that I am on a plant-based diet and see the dangers of animal protein to my health, I have to decline. I decided to give intermittent fasting a try to not only keep my food addiction at bay but to lose weight and take advantage of the longevity associated with intermittent fasting and caloric restriction. 

This is how I came to One Meal Each Day. I will be keeping an online journal here as well as sharing more articles etc that I find that support this concept in order to help others make informed decisions about eating styles, nutrient dense diets, and lifestyle choices for health.